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Move United Grant Opportunity

This is NOT in any way sponsored by GPAS we are simply sharing information

This is information about a grant being offered by Move United.  This is NOT a GPAS or Greek Peak Grant.  We cannot provide any information, this is just information that was shared with us.

Move United Athlete Grant


Grant Applications Are Now Available!



The Move United Athlete Grant is available to adaptive athletes with a permanent physical disability – see the full grant application for our eligibility criteria. This grant is open to youth and adult athletes. Each Move United Athlete Grant will provide an individual athlete with up to $500 to be used to support the purchase of adaptive sports equipment or participation related fees (including travel expenses, competition fees, etc.). Athletes who receive this grant will be reimbursed upon providing Move United receipt for purchases.


75 individual athlete grants are available


Deadline to apply is January 1, 2024


To apply:

Join as Move United Individual Member and complete the application in the Member Hub. If you are already a member, login to your account to apply.

You must either be a Move United Member or Join Move United.  This is the link they provided...

Need more info? Contact

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