Adult Volunteers

The 2020 GPAS season is under way!


  • FORMS:

    • These forms (available on the Forms page) must be completed before participating in any GPAS on-snow activity, *including training!

      • Volunteer Application

      • DSUSA Waiver

      • Greek Peak Ski/Ride Waiver (only available onsite)

      • ACL Awareness Training

  • NOTE: 

    • Binding checks are no longer required for Greek Peak employees, including GPAS volunteers. It is the volunteer's responsibility to ensure that his/her equipment is properly tuned and maintained. Please note, should a volunteer be injured while performing his/her duties, the Greek Peak protocol will be to take the equipment to the Tuning & Repair Shop for an Investigative Review. The results will be included with the incident report.  


    • Click here for our app...

    • Please continue to use the “left front door” on Program Days. This really cuts down on the chaos and confusion near the front desk when our participants are trying to get in. Thank you!

    • Please continue to sign in BOTH on paper and on the computer. Thank you!

    • Volunteers are needed to assist Special Olympics with the Winter Games. Check back for information on the date and location.

    • If you know of friends, family, or colleagues that want to help - bring them in! We are always looking for new faces, new skills, and new friends.


    • Make sure to participate in training! Details are on the Schedule.

    • *12 hours of training are required each season, including 6 hours with Pat Crowley or TBD. It is recommended that you complete the training prior to your first outing with a participant.

  • New Volunteers

    • Do you want to make a difference?

      • We are always looking for help in a surprising array of areas. Yes, we can always use qualified skiers/snowboarders to help guide or with training/experience to instruct.

      • Our adaptive family encompasses children and adults with developmental disabilities, visual impairments, paraplegia, amputations, muscle/skeletal issues and an array of other disabilities. We provide adaptive equipment and teaching methods to help make winter fun!

    • Do you like to do fundraising or organize events? We need you! GPAS raises its own funding to cover the expenses of insurance, adaptive equipment, heat, hot chocolate (lots of that), and all sorts of other associated expenses.

    • Are you mechanically inclined? Maybe you would like to help in our equipment room. Monoskis and outriggers need to be maintained/repaired and inventoried. We can use you!

    • Do you have a strong back? We’re talking winter…there is always snow to shovel, monoskis to carry, sliders to push. Yes, we can use you!

    • Tell us your skill and we will find a place for you to help!

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