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Program History

Our original ski program started in 1974 when Gordon Richardson, the snowsports school director, began teaching Debbie Philips, a person with a disability, the techniques of tri-track skiing. Gary MacDowell and Cindy Gibson, as a project for their masters degree at SUNY Cortland, began teaching people with visual impairments to ski. Gary was a ski instructor at Greek Peak and Cindy had worked with people with visual disabilities in New England.


Al Kryger enlisted Gordon Richardson and Joe Reistino to help develop a comprehensive adaptive ski program. The first year there were 5 instructors and 3 students with visual impairments. The program became a member of NHSRA – National Handicap Sports & Recreation Association.


The program has seen many changes throughout the years, one of which is the addition of the mono-ski in 1998-99 season.


Today we use the name Greek Peak Adaptive Snowsports. Our goal is to make the mountain and the excitement of snowsports available to everyone.


Construction of the Greek Peak Adaptive Training Center, a building specifically designed for accessibility and snowsports, started in 1994 and opened in January 1995. The building was officially named the Dr. Robert M. Lovejoy Adaptive Ski Center, in honor of Dr. Lovejoy, the program’s first skier with total blindness. Dr. Lovejoy later became instrumental in the growth of skiing for people with disabilities in Central New York and Greek Peak.


Greek Peak Mountain Resort not only supports GPAS, but also supports our athletes by offering special rates for skiers with disabilities through the Adaptive program on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition to support from the Greek Peak Mountain resort the program is greatly supported by the Harriet Ford Dickenson Foundation through the Community Foundation for South Central New York.

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