We at GPAS understand the current situation with Coronavirus is concerning many people.  We also understand that due to the decision of Special Olympics, some of our participants will not be able to join us for our final day of the season.  

     While we are very sad that all of our GPAS family will not be there, we have determined that the picnic will go on.  We do believe a measure of caution is called for under the circumstances.  In light of this, there will be two major changes to the picnic.  

     One difference is that food will be served by gloved individuals, and will not be handled in the traditional serve yourself buffet style.  The second is that we are asking that you please enjoy the pizza, salad, and wings prepared by Greek Peak, and the store-bought cookies we will provide. If you would like to bring additional items please be sure they are pre-packaged and store-bought.  This is of course not required, and no one should feel they must bring anything. 

      We understand there will be some families who, out of caution, choose not to come. We absolutely understand and respect that decision.  You will be missed, and we will look forward to seeing you next year. For those of you who will still be joining us we will see you on Saturday (3/14/20). 

Be Well Friends.

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